Tuesday, November 9, 2010


the tainted eyes behind the sun
the flowers on the tower run
the ledges down the flowers frown
the showers rain the hours down
the crinkles in the cracks bring dawn
the wrinkles in the silent gone
my lawn and I bask till night
then silent prayers until the light

I love you so much


  1. Good post! Looking forward to reading you next one

  2. Hmm I that kind of felt like a happy poem to me :/

    I am not very good at poetry though; my only analyses coem from what is at face value. Like when I see flowers, the sun, rain, and my lawn, all I can think of is summer and happy thoughts :D

    Sorry if it was a sad poem and I ruined the mood :(

  3. dan, i didnt specifically say who it was for because i like when people interpret the words for themselves. you didnt ruin it at all!

  4. you've got some very interesting thoughts